I believe in these products!

In over thirty years as a competitive athlete, I’ve learned:  what you put  in your body & on your skin affects performance, health, energy and recovery.

Inside Health    Foods today are void of nutrition.  The body just doesn’t get what it needs from foods ~ especially processed, cooked and genetically altered foods.   We need to supplement, however, not all supplements are alike.  Our bodies work best when we give them whole foods and clean supplements!  AIM is one of my FAVORITE companies!  It’s like my own little nutrition center.  See what you think.  The prices are reasonable and the products work….it truly is Nutrition that Works!







Outside Health      As for what you put on your skin:  years and years of training in the sun had damaged my skin.  I found a skin care line based on aloe that not only makes your skin look & feel better but also repairs past damage done by sun and the elements.  There are so many harsh chemicals in the products on the market today.  These products claim to make you look beautiful and youthful but, the mineral oils, waxes, colors and alcohols dry out your skin.  These chemicals damage collagen and elastin, which wrinkle your skin at a faster rate than doing nothing at all!    L’Bri is completely Pure & Natural and actually can reverse the aging process.  In 7-10 days you WILL see and feel a dramatic difference or your money back!

Financial Health     I would love to partner with you!  If you would like to earn a residual second stream of income, I will share the ways you can do this from home with amazing companies…and, you will be helping others in fitness & health along the way.  Send me a note:  amazingenergy@gmail.com