3-Time USA Olympic Walker

Debbi Sullivan is a 3-Time USA Olympian (1992, 1996, 2000) in the sport of Walking.  She walked a World’s Fastest 1500 meter: 5:53, which converts to approximately 6 minutes and 18 seconds for 1 mile.  Debbi was a former track and cross country runner in high school and college, before switching to walking in 1981.   She is an 11-time national walking champion and has set (and broken) many American Walk Records along the way.

1992 — The first Olympic Games to include women walkers as part of Track & Field (Athletics).  The race distance was 10km and the competitors raced on a road course, just outside Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, Spain.  The athletes finished their debut 6.2 mile race by walking up a hill to enter the stadium and complete one lap on the track.

1996 –  These Olympic Games were held in Atlanta, Georgia –USA.  The distance was once again 10km for women.  (men have had two distance walking races in the Olympics since 1908:  20km & 50km)

2000 — This year, the Olympic Games were held in Sydney, Australia.  The Women’s 10km Walk was changed to a 20km.   The Olympics continue to include one walking event for women (20km) and two events for men (20km & 50km).