Saturday Secret Training Tip #818

No need to do sit-ups any longer!

For years, you’ve curled, crunched, and twisted, but for some reason your pooch hasn’t shrunk…want to know why?

Your day is spent hunched over a computer or a steering wheel, your spine is in a constantly flexed position and this leads to poor posture with a “pouch”,” as well as a weak core.  Spine-flexing crunches just make the situation worse.  But, when you incorporate the hip rotation of fitness walking, you will feel your abs working–and see the results when the body fat around your middle is burned off.  (see nutrition and workout tips for burning body fat)

You must target more  than the small section of abs that crunches hit.  You need  to work your entire core by encouraging it to do the job it’s meant to do: stabilize your spine.  Feel confident that your Fitness Walking program is all you need.   Fitness walking, utilizing the technique Olympians use, works your entire core because of the unique hip rotation and posture.  You are walking your way to a sculpted middle!

Don’t just tone your abs, tone your entire CORE

THE CORE is made up of:

  1. the four layers of the abs:  rectus abdominis , external & internal obliques and transverse abdominis
  2. hip flexors
  3. spine extensors
  4. hip adductors (inner-thigh muscles)
  5. hip abductors (including gluteus medius)
  6. multifidus




When you WalkLikeThis, you tone your entire core!