My name is Debbi Sullivan and I am a three-time USA Olympic Walker.  Whether you call it Olympic walking, fitness walking, exercise walking, power walking or just fast walking …I can help you WalkLikeThis!

I’ve tried just about every workout method, nutrition program and success book or audio on the shelves.  I’ve tasted every potion, tried every lotion and swallowed supplements that would “make me better.”  At 50 years old, it’s come down to this:  I believe, for certain, there are only a few choices in this unlimited choice world that will make a real difference and contribute to living a healthy, fit & joyful life!  Each one works with the other, to get you to a place where your dreams and goals can be realized.

WALKLIKETHIS.com is not just another “walking site,” packed with photos of walkers, race results, info, stats and other stuff specific to walking.  There are plenty of great walking sites on the web, many are friends from past competitive days.  WALKLIKETHIS.com is inside health, outside health and spiritual health.  This website will give you the best techniques and training for walking, the best possible nutritional supplement you’ll ever find, the best pure and natural skin care available anywhere and the only reason for your existence here on this earth, to make your walk worthwhile.

We are here to help you WalkLikeThis.